Thursday, November 11, 2004


New Microsoft search goes "live"

MSNBC reports that Microsoft debued its new search technology today:

SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. finally debuted its own Web search technology on Thursday, hoping to challenge Google Inc.’s long dominance of the field with results tailored to a user’s location and answers from its Encarta encyclopedia.
Google signaled that it is ready for a fight, announcing Wednesday that it would nearly double the amount of Web pages available to search through its site.

The Microsoft search engine, offered in 11 languages, will initially be available on a special “test” site. Gradually, some users visiting Microsoft’s MSN site may find that the existing search bar uses the new search engine, said Adam Sohn, a director with the company’s online division.

But a full rollout, perhaps with new features, isn’t expected until early next year

I guess the “special test site“ is

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