Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Interview with RoboSapien inventor Mark W. Tiden

Get the story behind the Robosapien in the interview with RoboSapien inventor Mark W. Tiden. I didn't know that early test versions could see distant objects when it had infra-red LEDs in his pamls and that they had to reduce the arm strengh so it didn't hurt anyone.

RoboSapiens 2? Top secret. I can say soon no calculator will be safe. Moo ha ha. However, all will be revealed at the New York toy Fair, Feb. 05. Watch the skies, watch the skies.

One of the really great features of the RoboSapien is that you can hack it anyway you want: A single screwdriver takes the RS completely apart, and inside everything is labled, colorcoded, and socketed for convenience. Furthermore, we heartly support any third party additions or modifications, and have supplied all the necessary info through many websites.

A "smarter" RoboSapien using Pocket PC

Via [Robots.net]

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