Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Cool Tool: ieSpell

I do my best to write mails, posts and documentation without spelling mistakes. The Microsoft Office spell checker is OK but it does not work where I need it the most: web applications. In particular; Outlook Web Access and my blogging software.

So far I have worked around the problem by writing them as a tasks in Outlook and cutting and pasting without formatting.

ieSpell solves the problem. It is a free spell checker that integrates with Internet Explorer and adds a spell checking button on the toolbar and a “Check Spelling“ option when you right click in a text field. It spell checks all text fields in Internet Explorer.

Note: the ieSpell option does not appear if you right click in a HTML edit window (like the body field in OWA). The workaround is to either use the toolbar button or right click and choose “Check Spelling: in any normal text field. It spell check all text fields, including the HTML editor.

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